If you feel games can be addictive, you are right. But, getting addicted to games is not like substance abuse. It is an addiction that offers the thrill of competition, brain exercise, and improving hand-eye coordination. At the same time, you must make sure that you give equally significant time to the rest of your lifestyle and family and not spend the entire day playing games. Having said that, here are the 11 most addictive games that you can try out.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Although the game has only been launched in the South Asian regions, Wild Rift has already caught global attention. The developers are soon to launch the game worldwide, as they expect to become the most played mobile game in the world.

PUBG Mobile

Despite losing a major audience in India post ban, PUBG still remains one of the tops played games among mobile users. It still beats most of the Battle Royale games to stay the top contender for its genre. Its simpler graphics and simulation type gameplay is the main reason every new gamer becomes easily comfortable with the game.



Arcade games have their own fan base that can never be destroyed. Balls are just the kind of arcade game you need to play at any time to kill boredom. Despite its simpler looks, it can instantly pull you in for engaging gameplay.

Flappy Dunk

Remember when Flappy Bird became so aggressively addictive that it broke all records on PlayStore. Well, Flappy Bird’s better or worse version, Flappy Dunk, is now out. Instead of passing through the pipe gaps, here you need to keep the ball in the air and maneuver it through an endless series of hoops.


After its success among the PC and console gamers, Fortnite is available on mobile phones now, and it can be equally addictive for the players. The unique game mechanics of Fortnite is its quality to engage people in a long-lasting gaming experience. Stay competitive as you beat other players to become the last man alive.



Minecraft is a widely popular game among PC gamers who possess creativity and imagination. Minecraft became a worldwide sensation and decided to port the game to other platforms. Despite its pixelated graphics, the game somehow manages to be gamers’ favorite. Use the resources of the environment to build yourself a shelter or a mansion and explore the buildings and lands of other people.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans (CoC) has been around for years. The old smartphone users who have played this game know about the impact it had on their life. Everyone in Clash of Clans was busy upgrading their village and winning wars. It is still a popular game and constantly updates itself with new features. If you want a relaxing game that you can play for years, this might be the top pick for you.