Live video gaming streams attract a lot of online viewers which can draw attention to the skill and personality of the presenter. Anyone can easily get their hand on a dedicated audience which can help them stand out from the competition. Platforms like twitch, youtube gives a lot of opportunities on the ways one can use the platform to earn money. There are many partner program and affiliate program which can help you reach a larger audience. No matter the platform, it is important that you play on your computer or console which can help make easy to live stream. If you are looking for the best set up here are our recommendations.

Live stream from a computer

Even if you are geared up to play the latest and biggest titles in the gaming, stream the action requires consistent frames to process. Try to go for something which has an Intel Core i5-4670 which has advanced micro devices, 8GB of RAM, Windows 7 Home premium, graphics card running. All one need is an internet connection which is decent and has the best quality 3Mbps which can help upload the speed of your service provider. An actual computer can make the broadcast and the commentary much better, allowing you to capture every action which you can later send it to twitch and youtube.

Live stream from a computer

Having the right webcam helps provide the perfect satisfaction of video and audio feed. Before you vest out on your pieces of equipment, make sure that you check the quality of the built. There are many professional live streams which can help configure separate webcams and microphones. Have a good webcam which can give the gamers the right quality and performance, which is also good for low light conditions.

A separate microphone has the best crystal clear audio commentary which can help you with your feed. It has four modes which can help with the operation, cardioid more for gaming that isolates the audio coming from someone directly in front of the mic. The quality of the audio they capture, which has the sound quality that they pump through to your ears.

Live stream from a console

They have easier times which can help ensure that you have the right place to get started on these platforms. Most of the hardware that one has to built comes built-in, and all you need is to get the right choice of the webcam or graphic cards. If you want to control more, there are many streams that look nab from the content. The excellent Elgato HD 60S sits between your console and your big screen which can help separate the feed from the console to your computer. There is also a razor ripsaw which can help you change the matches in many areas which can easily support 1080p streaming and USB 3.0.